Custom House Years

Home of the 'Appy Ammers'


I first started watching speedway at Custom House aged 9 in 1965 and followed 'The Ammers' until their demise in 1971.

This website is dedicated to everyone concerned with West Ham speedway !

My boyhood Hero Sverre Harrfeldt

West Ham

National League Champions 1937

British League Champions 1965

A.C.U. Cup Winners 1938

Knock-out Cup Winners 1965

London Cup Winners 1965/66/67

Essex County Champions 1930/31



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Latest Updates & Announcements


Having been unwell for some time I have been unable to update or refresh the site for a while!

I hope now that my health has improved, to update and refresh the site on a more regular basis.

I will post updates on this page.

People looking for old chums or Information

Contact me if you have any detail or wish to get in touch!

Matt Maciejewsky contacted me:- He is Vice President of Sparta Wroclaw Supporters Association - SPARTANS and is trying to find the exact location of Tadeusz 'Teo' Teodorowicz's Grave. Teo died following a crash at West Ham in 1964.  Matt says " We would like to light up his grave with some ever-burning fires." If you could help Matt it would be appreciated


See Also 

Heat Details


Can anyone help Jim Henry out, he is looking for heat details at West Ham if you do have any information, you can contact him his home address which is given on the website below!




Information and invaluable input from:-

Norman Jacobs (Author)

Brian Collins (International Speedway website)

Brian Derby (Just Solos website)

Jim Henry (The Speedway Researcher)

Reg Fearman (Rider/Promoter/ EnglandTeam Manager & PP VSRA), 

Robert Rogers, Harry Ward, Kevin Hammond

Team Statistics

Supplied by Jim Henry, The Speedway Researcher.

Pre war thanks to:- Bob Ozanne, Peter Jackson & Allen Trump.

Post War thanks to :- Jim Henry, Hugh Vass 

Thanks to  Kevin Hammond (Rider Averages).

Pictures supplied by & from:-

Norman Jacobs, Jim Blanchard, Nick Wells,   Raymond Chitty Reg Fearman

Brian Darby (Just Solos website)

Bob Knightley (Romford Bombers website)

John Somerville (Wright Wood Collection)

John Chaplin (John Chaplin Collection)

Programmes supplied by & from:-

Speedway Swap Shop, Roger Stevens, Harry Ward, Robert Hull.

Grateful thank's for use of infomation:- 

Speedway Plus

International SPEEDWAY

Just Solos

The Speedway Researcher

Books used for Reference:-

Speedway in London by Norman Jacobs

Speedway The Pre-War Years by Robert Bamford

The Complete History of the British League - Edited by Peter Oaks


Wright Wood Photo Collection


Copies of pictures from the Wright Wood Photo Collection are obtainable from John Somerville 35 St Ninians Road, Linlithgow, West Lothian , EH49 7BN.


Copies of the John Somerville private collection are also available.

Prices £2.50 for 6by4 , £2.75 for 7by5 , £3.00 for 8by6 , larger if required , plus £1.00 per Order postage.


Contact John on 

mail to:

 phone 01506-844315 


John Chaplin Collection


Copies of pictures from the John Chaplin Collection are obtainable for £5 per print (plus £?? P&P). Please  send a cheque/postal order payable to John Chaplin 2 Steele's Yard, North Street, Stamford PE9 2ZS.




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